Through The Night

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There’s a song we attempted to record in the Fall of 2008, right before we disbanded. It’s called “Through The Night” and it was Johnny Croce’s first song he presented to us upon joining the band months earlier.

We knew the potential this song had and when Johnny told us about a home recording studio nearby that would record a couple songs for a good price, we took the opportunity and booked some studio time. The place was called Lollipop Studios and it was in the garage of some ranch home in Marlton, New Jersey. I think this article is about them. The owner has since apparently either ditched the business or changed names.

We laid down some scratch guitar and bass tracks. I was able to get a good vocal track down and the drums were pretty final, too. We just needed to go back and re-record the guitars.

And then we broke up.

But we did manage to hold on to those early mixes on CD which were used to take home, analyze, and come back with improvements.

This song did appear on the “Rarities” compilation we put on Bandcamp but in my opinion, music needs to be on YouTube these days for it to have any chance at getting heard. That, and Spotify, of course. But I don’t think the guys are willing to spend money to put up music from this old band for no good reason other than to hope a few people stumble across it and play it a couple times in a year.

So without further ado… here is “Through The Night” from our YouTube channel.

~ Coz


Website Version 3.0

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And we have a new site design! I ditched the self-made, hand-coded designs for a WordPress powered site. Not that it was needed; except now it’s mobile-friendly, so that’s good for the 2 people a month that visit. Yeah, I see you. What’s up?

Hope there are some people out there still enjoying our tunes. You can still buy them on Bandcamp! And Tom’s still got Super Terrific Action Team going!

— Coz


Check out Super Terrific Action Team

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So I went ahead and updated this Circuit Theory website with the template I built for Trianide.  It deserved some attention and the old Circuit Theory site was so outdated, something needed to be done.

Anyhow, it’s been forever and no one’s doing anything except Tom.  Tom has a new band and it’s going very well.  He’s got a whole new crew and an all new sound.  Definitely not your father’s Circuit Theory.  But if you like Tom and you like his style, don’t miss checking out Super Terrific Action Team (STAT).  It’s full-on metal with an extra dash of comic relief.



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Well we tried very hard to get Trianide off the ground, but life got in the way and there’s nothing happening with any of us at this point in time. There’s also no immediately plans, either.

In Circuit Theory news, our EP will be on iTunes & Amazon until February 2012. After that, you’ll only be able to purchase from our newly launched Bandcamp page: Thanks for your continued interest!



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Circuit Theory is on indefinite hiatus. Who knows what the future may hold, but in the meantime, Tom (guitarist) and myself, Coz (singer) would like to direct you to where we are currently putting together new music with new people. The site is not yet filled with any content but it will be in the coming months (we hope). We’re thankful for your support and patience throughout our time with Circuit Theory and hope to see you out at Trianide shows whenever they begin, which we hope will be by late Winter/early Spring 2011.

Also, even though we’re no longer selling the CD packages, shirts, stickers, or any other merchandise, our EP “Amnesia” is still available for purchase from iTunes and other MP3 retailers. Check the store page!


Drummer Needed In The Delaware Valley!

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This is Coz, singer of Circuit Theory.

Tom (guitarist) and I are attempting to form a new musical project. But we’re looking for a talented drummer. 


Perhaps you are one and you’re not satisfied with your current situation!

He or she should at least fit the following criteria:
1. Be able to practice twice a week in Brooklawn, NJ.
2. Be at least 21 years old.
3. Be able to keep a beat.

The musical style would be a mix of Circuit Theory’s sound and the sounds found here:

Any further questions the interested party may have can be answered by sending their queries to 

Auditions would begin occurring ASAP.

Thanks for your time and for any help you can provide us in finding that certain special someone.


Thank You

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We told you that if you were a fan, you’d regret not coming out to see us at The Cherrywood this past Friday! Those who were there got to see something special. It was our last show. Or, at least it was our last one played as you currently know us.

We’re not yet sure if the name will carry on with one of us, or if it’ll be buried, but we are all in support of each other and will be supporting our individual plans as musicians by updating YOU fine folks through our Myspace account. So “STAY TUNED” to hear the future of Circuit Theory and our band member’s future endeavors.

Major thanks to YOU for YOUR support thus far. You’ll be hearing from us again soon, don’t worry. Sign up on our mailing list, too, to ensure you get our updates.

~~~~~~ CIRCUIT THEORY ~~~~~~~
Coz Baldwin, Rick Bruneau, Tom Gleason, Jonny Croce

Forums & New Recording

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First off, we apologize, but all members of the Circuit Theory Forums must sign up again.

There was a glitch in the system and it had to be deleted and built back up from scratch. So let’s start clean again, shall we?

In other news, we are recording this weekend. Just one song – and it will most likely be our new one which debuted at The Pennant back on 8/9. We’re looking forward to letting the rest of the world know what type of sound we’re maturing into. We hope you’ll find it more accessible with more drive behind it.


New Pics / Taking A Break

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This month we modeled for Jodi Samsel so we could get some new promo shots with Jonny. We think they turned out great! What do you think?

Check them out at the newly updated Circuit Theory Galleries.


We also are going to attempt to take the next few months off so we can focus better on writing new material as well as finish up the songs we’re working on. We may even get to record a song or two during the break, too.

So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’ll see you again in a few months with some very catchy tunes in hand. Hope you’ll be out to hear them.


Circuit Theory Hits WYSP

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94WYSP played our song “Mother, May I” tonight on Tommy Conwell’s Loud & Local show with some high praise by Tommy himself.

So now that WYSP has our CD, it would be a great honor if you began to request the song be played more.

“But Mr. Circuit Theory Band, how do I do that?”

I’m glad you asked!
You can request a song online HERE:

Or you can call one of the request lines at any time of the day.
215-263-ROCK (7625)
Or text them at WYSP1 (99771)

Hey, just because we’re a local band doesn’t mean we can’t get into the rotation!
If you feel we deserve it, the power is in your hands.

P.S. Our Troc show tickets are no longer available for online ordering. If you still haven’t gotten yours, please contact us ASAP to arrange a personal meeting with us between now and Wednesday to get yours.

See you May 3rd!!!!