Thank You

We told you that if you were a fan, you’d regret not coming out to see us at The Cherrywood this past Friday! Those who were there got to see something special. It was our last show. Or, at least it was our last one played as you currently know us.

We’re not yet sure if the name will carry on with one of us, or if it’ll be buried, but we are all in support of each other and will be supporting our individual plans as musicians by updating YOU fine folks through our Myspace account. So “STAY TUNED” to hear the future of Circuit Theory and our band member’s future endeavors.

Major thanks to YOU for YOUR support thus far. You’ll be hearing from us again soon, don’t worry. Sign up on our mailing list, too, to ensure you get our updates.

~~~~~~ CIRCUIT THEORY ~~~~~~~
Coz Baldwin, Rick Bruneau, Tom Gleason, Jonny Croce

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