Through The Night

There’s a song we attempted to record in the Fall of 2008, right before we disbanded. It’s called “Through The Night” and it was Johnny Croce’s first song he presented to us upon joining the band months earlier.

We knew the potential this song had and when Johnny told us about a home recording studio nearby that would record a couple songs for a good price, we took the opportunity and booked some studio time. The place was called Lollipop Studios and it was in the garage of some ranch home in Marlton, New Jersey. I think this article is about them. The owner has since apparently either ditched the business or changed names.

We laid down some scratch guitar and bass tracks. I was able to get a good vocal track down and the drums were pretty final, too. We just needed to go back and re-record the guitars.

And then we broke up.

But we did manage to hold on to those early mixes on CD which were used to take home, analyze, and come back with improvements.

This song did appear on the “Rarities” compilation we put on Bandcamp but in my opinion, music needs to be on YouTube these days for it to have any chance at getting heard. That, and Spotify, of course. But I don’t think the guys are willing to spend money to put up music from this old band for no good reason other than to hope a few people stumble across it and play it a couple times in a year.

So without further ado… here is “Through The Night” from our YouTube channel.

~ Coz

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