Introducing Jonny

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to a photo of our new bassist, Jonny Croce (formerly of Complaint Department)!

You can meet The REAL Jonny at our next show. It’s the big one at The Trocadero on May 3rd. To attend, you must purchase tickets from us in advance by using our secure Circuit Theory Store, or by contacting us individually so we can make other arrangements.

Tickets are already beginning to sell, so get yours now, before time runs out!


WYSP Advertising

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If you’ve had your radios tuned to 94WYSP over the last couple days, you may have heard our ad for this Thursday’s show at Levy’s Comedy Club featuring music by us, Undercast, Enstride, and Nymphonixxx plus comedy by Randy Latini, Danny Ozark, Benny Michaels, and Brendan Kennedy.

Tomorrow morning on The KiddChris Show *might* be Danielle, representing the band Nymphonixxx being exploited to plug this show even more. Tune to 94.1 in Philly or stream from

Visit our calendar for all the details of the show.

And stay tuned… in a week or so, we’ll be announcing the news concerning our new bassist!


Meet Bert (updated)

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UPDATED: 2/18/08

Circuit Theory has secured a temporary bassist. Meet Bert Bigler!

We’ve been informed that Bert cannot be our full-time bassist as originally planned. So we’re still looking for a full-timer. Meanwhile, Bert will be taking care of the upcoming shows we have in February.


A Special Announcement

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A Message from Sean (the bassist)

The end of last year started to pick up quite nicely with the release of the EP, and the band starting to get back into performing live, expanding the areas of shows and continuing momentum. Now that the new year is under way and the with trying to keep up the momentum, there also comes new ideas, challenges, and changes.

With that said, Circuit Theory and I are parting ways. Now I know what you are saying to yourself, “Who’s the bassist? Oh yeah, the quiet one. Who cares he’s the easiest one to replace.” And you’re correct, in this case, I am the easiest to replace, so it shouldn’t be very difficult for them to find someone new and most likely better. I will still be making music, whether or not it gets out to the public, is a different story, and this also affords me more time for other interests that have been pushed off. I don’t have a MySpace page, so in any odd event that someone wants to contact me and keep up to date with what I’m doing, you’re more or less out of luck along those lines. Though, if you look hard enough, you may find me. However, I still do work with Rick, so if you’re nice, he might be gracious enough to pass anything along to me. The past couple years have been a fun and exciting experience. I thank everyone for their support and the great people and bands I’ve met along the way. It means more than you can imagine, thank you.


As mentioned, Sean Mathes is no longer the bassist of Circuit Theory. We’ll still be playing the 3 shows currently scheduled for February 15th, 20th, and 22nd, so we are hopeful you will still come out and support us. We’re actively seeking a replacement bassist and look forward to a very speedy recovery back to the scene. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through this website or Myspace. Thank you very much.


Photo Albums Updated

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Hey folks!

Just wanted to let you know we’ve updated our Circuit Theory Galleries. Pics from the last number of shows have been added, including the recent CD Release Party. We’re still waiting to receive the videos from that night, but as soon as we do, they’ll be added to our YouTube page (which automatically is updated in the Video section of this site.)

By the way…
Take note! We’re continually adding new shows to the calendar. Sign up on the mailing list to ensure you’re notified of updates!


Dan Gross mentions CD Release Party

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In today’s print & online versions of Dan Gross’s featured column in The Philadelphia Daily News, Dan talks about our special guest Huggy hosting our CD Release Party on Friday.

Huggy hosts record release

Former 94 WYSP DJ Huggy of the Matt & Huggy Show is hosting a CD-release party for Circuit Theory at the Cherrywood (1460 Blackwood-Clementon) in Clementon, N.J., at 9 p.m. tomorrow. To hear Circuit Theory, visit

[link to article]