Monthly Archives: August 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Saturday Show & More

We’ve been asked to fill an empty slot this Saturday night at The Rusty Nail in Ardmore, PA. Show starts at 9pm and we should be taking the stage at 11pm. All details are on our calendar page. Hope to see you there!

You’ll also notice that we’ve added another date for 9/9.

In other news, all the drum tracks are done for our EP. Guitars are mid-way through and we’ll be working on the rest over the next few weeks but we can’t yet give any tentative release date, so keep checking back!

Pictures From Rex’s / EP Update

Thanks to all who came out (or attempted to come out) to the show last Thursday. We really appreciate it and hope to see you at our next gig which we will be announcing shortly.

Thanks to Lisa and Mike, we’ve got some pictures to share with you from our show. You can find them in the media section by launching the photo album. Or just click here.

We’ve begun the next phase of growth this weekend, too. Recording our first E.P.
Rick is laying down drum tracks now and we hope to have all recording completed over the next few weekends. You can be alerted of future news updates by joining our mailing list (see: right-side of home page).

See you soon!

Radio Mention & Reminders

If you happened to be listening to The Kidd Chris Show on 8/4/06 at about 6pm, you would have heard Coz call in and stumble over his words as he is caught off-guard when guest-comedian Geno Bisconte tried to give him an opportunity to plug the upcoming show. If you missed it, you can click here to listen. (much thanks to Sugewhite for providing the audio and Geno for thinking of us)

Which reminds me… to remind you… THIS THURSDAY is the show! Come on. You know you can’t miss this one. Be at Rex’s by 9pm.

We’d also like to assure you that we will be recording our EP over the next few weekends. There will be approximately 5 songs recorded so keep your ears peeled (but don’t let yourself get an infection). We’ll have some up here and on Myspace as soon as we can.